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Women in Rural Water Award

“The Women in Rural Water Luminary Award” is a dignified and empowering award that recognizes the exceptional achievements and contributions of women in the field of rural water. This award evokes a sense of brilliance, leadership, and inspiration, emphasizing the recipients’ significant impact and leadership within the rural water community.

The following criteria will be used as a guideline when reviewing nominee applications.

  1. Currently employed in the Rural Water Industry.
  2. NRWA Employees and Board members are not eligible for the award.
  3. Impactful Leadership: Describe how this individual has demonstrated outstanding leadership in initiatives related to rural water access, sustainability, and/or management. 
  4. Empowerment of Women: Nominees should help to empower other women within the field. This could include mentorship, collaboration, or creating opportunities for women to lead water-related projects.
  5. Community Engagement: Nominees should actively engage with the communities they serve. Their ability to collaborate, listen, and involve local residents in decision-making processes is crucial for sustainable change.
  6. Ethical Standards: Has this person engaged in advocacy efforts to raise awareness about the importance of clean water access in rural areas and to mobile support for relevant policies and initiatives?

The Luminary Award celebrates not only achievements but also the spirit of resilience, compassion, and dedication. These criteria should reflect the essence of the award and honor those who truly embody its ideals.

Nominations are due by June 20, 2024.

2024 Women in Rural Water Luminary Award Nomination

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